Make your own learning games from Vanuatu!

Exploration with Number Shells
In Vanuatu many teachers don’t have access to bought resources to use as teaching tools. Here is an idea to promote children’s learning using natural sustainable materials that can be found on the beach. Children needs lots of opportunities to explore and experiment with early numeracy concepts like amount, number, weight, measurement. They will learn to compare and classify as they play with natural and found objects. By providing collections of small shells, which easily fit in various ways into larger ones children will have increased opportunities to practice these early numeracy skills.

What you need:
• A collection of tiny sea shells or nuts with shells on
• Some larger flat shells
• A box or woven basket for storage

How to use:
The children should be given lots of opportunity to play with the shells and use them in different ways. Repetition is the secret to helping children to master skills and experiment with/master more complex ones. Help the children fill each shell and count how many fit in each one. Can they predict how many will fit and then test to see if they were right?

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