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As an early childhood teacher working and living in New Zealand I consumed this book with both awe and amazement at the strength of the human spirit and the power of education. Bridget shares with us her insights while volunteering to train preschool teachers in Vanuatu. She allows us a glimpse into a complex and diverse culture that is so grounded in history and connections to traditional beliefs that it’s almost impossible as a Western woman to understand what daily life must be like for women there. The story builds a picture of women determined to learn and make a difference for preschool children so that they have more opportunities to get out of extreme poverty. Despite their struggles to read and write English, these ladies tackle gaining a certificate in early childhood so that they can truly support their children. Bridget helps them through it all by setting up study groups and speaking on their behalf to the “Office Man” and others. Along the way, she too learns from these amazing women and people around her. Bridget shares her own learning as she spends her time in Luganville gaining an insight into what really matters and how despite vast cultural differences, as humans we share some fundamental similarities. This story reminds me of the value of the work we do and the importance it can have on shaping a better, brighter future. A fantastic read! (Amazon Reviewer)

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