The tribe who believes Prince Philip is God

On Tanna island, a remote island of Vanuatu, live the Yaohnanen tribe. Like many peoples of the world, the tribe await the return of their one true God. The only difference with the Yaohnanen tribe, is, that their one true God is… well, Prince Philip.

Legend in the tribe told that the son of a volcano spirit moved far away and married a powerful queen. When Prince Philip visited the islands in 1974, it made perfect sense to the islanders who saw him from a far that this would certainly be their awaited deity.

Prince Philip or ‘Man belong Mrs Queen’ as he is known on Tanna, is aware of his status with the islanders and has sent several photos of himself. The photos are set in a shrine and worshipped by all.

Chief Jack, the head of the tribe sadly passed away in 2009, but five tribe elders have had the opportunity to visit Prince Philip in England through a television show who sponsored the trip.

To this day the tribe awaits Prince Philip’s return to his rightful home.

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