Create Confident Learners with Free Sustainable Materials: Make Shell Puzzles

Puzzles are amazing learning tools and can be made out of just about anything! Doing a puzzle not only supports brain development, and builds thinking and problem solving skills but it also develops spatial awareness, resilience, persistence and visual discrimination.

Puzzles of varying complexity can be made from cardboard and markers. You can also use found items like sticks, leaves, wood and shells.

What you will need:

  • A square of card or wood
  • A collection of shells, sticks or leaves
  • A permanent marker

Photo 30-12-16, 1 46 28 PM

What to do:

Collect some shells from the beach. Alternatively use different sized leaves or sticks of varying lengths.

Place the items on the card or wood and draw around each one.

Photo 30-11-16, 8 35 57 PM

How to use:

Children can place the items in the correct outlines, matching size, length or shape.

Photo 15-12-16, 4 44 37 PM

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