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Finch Publishing

Finch Publishing is an independent publishing house based in Sydney. We were established in 1992 and  publish nonfiction books on family (parenting and childcare), health, social ecology, relationships and society. We also publish memoirs and host an annual competition to find the best unpublished Australian life story.

Our early titles such as Manhood, Raising Boys and Boys in Schools grew out of the need for books on the lives of men and boys. As our list developed we included significant books on family, gender, relationships and social issues. In 2008, we introduced the new category of social ecology to represent books on how we engage with nature, spirituality and ecological thinking, and in 2010 we introduced the category of memoir to focus on people’s life stories. The Finch Memoir Prize is an annual award for an unpublished life story. The majority of our books are available in paperback and as ebooks.

Our commitment is to publish the best authors in their fields and to produce books that have an important role to play in society. As a small publisher we invest a lot of time and creative involvement working with our authors towards the best possible books. We like to think that is the reason our books stay in print, continue selling through word-of-mouth recommendations and are popular worldwide.

The topics that feature in our list often have international applicability. Consequently, our titles are regularly translated and we have licensed publishing rights to some of our books in as many as 20 countries.

Thank you for your interest in our publishing. We aim to keep you up-to-date through our website. You might also like to follow up on Twitter (@FinchPublishing) and Facebook.

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