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Create Confident Learners with Free Sustainable Materials: Make Shell Puzzles

Puzzles are amazing learning tools and can be made out of just about anything! Doing a puzzle not only supports brain development, and builds thinking and problem solving skills but it also develops spatial awareness, resilience, persistence and visual discrimination. Puzzles of varying complexity can be made from cardboard and markers. You can also use found items like sticks, leaves,…

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Sustainable learning Vanuatu Style: Support children to develop a sense of identity through Play!

Help Children Develop Their Sense of Identity: Small World Play Small world play supports children to develop a sense of identity, promotes imagination and language skills and can be created out of just about anything. Children naturally create small worlds with found items like sticks, stones and shells. Making your family or community out of cardboard gives children an opportunity…

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Make your own learning games from Vanuatu!

Exploration with Number Shells In Vanuatu many teachers don’t have access to bought resources to use as teaching tools. Here is an idea to promote children’s learning using natural sustainable materials that can be found on the beach. Children needs lots of opportunities to explore and experiment with early numeracy concepts like amount, number, weight, measurement. They will learn to…

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